Why is the silicone wristband so popular now?

Silicone Wrist band; the earliest popular in the United States, is now popular around the world, is a hot fashion fashion ornaments; more is a low cost, advertising high efficiency advertising promotional gifts, feed gifts. Because the material of silicone bracelet is non-toxic, tasteless and no side effects, it can be called environmental protection accessories. It’s very popular! And the style of fashion also can do the company’s LOGO and advertising words on the hand ring, and the cost is low, so it detonated the global advertising promotion market! In our country all the exhibitions, business activities, marriage, company promotion, Buddhist activities, yoga Qigong, etc. can be used as gifts, gifts and gifts. If you look at it, you will see the young people who lead the trend in addition to the layers of crystal, silver ornaments in addition to a colorful, simple shape of the silica gel bracelet. This colorful “inspirational wristband”, which has a variety of inspiring words, is not only fashionable but also inspiring a positive attitude to life, so it has been welcomed by young people as soon as it is introduced. It is so popular that it has to be closely related to the healthy lifestyle and the inspiring language it advocates, and perhaps because it is different, it can attract the eye of the fashionable young people in the fashion ornaments. The source of inspirational wristbands: NIKE was originally a by-product of street basketball to promote its support, as a identification mark for any casual activity street basketball team that anyone could participate in, and then, with the joint launch of NIKE and the American Cancer Foundation, the representative of a bicycle player, the six annual tour law. The champion Armstrong’s victory over cancer, Armstrong’s faith in the Yellow hand belt, is a strong living. At this point, the popularity of the ring’s inspirational wristbands is rising in a straight line, and even a pronoun of courage, success and inspiration overnight. With these glorious historical background, the wristband is not only a big fire abroad, but also a treasure of the fashion, especially the young people. From the limited edition of NIKE, the ordinary edition to the TV advertisement, Yao Ming’s McDonald’s wristband has become the object of the chases of the tide. The fashion collocation of the wristband: the inspirational wristband’s origin and popularity are all related to sports. It has become a classic collocation with sportswear or casual wear, with a casual wear, and the colorful wristbands of the wrist, especially the bright yellow and classic black and white wristbands. Gas products. In fact, in addition to sports and leisure style, inspirational wristbands can also be matched with elegant suits or professional attire, which is also a sign of fashion. Different colors and different utterances on the inspirational wristbands have their own unique meanings. “Live Young”, “No Excuse”, “Love”… Perhaps it is the inspirational statements on these wristbands that give way to the young people’s attitude towards life. Silicone bracelet, due to its soft texture and generous appearance, is loved by both at home and abroad. Colored wristbands are popular all over the world. They used to be used to distinguish identity in basketball matches, but nowadays they have become the essential items of fashion people. Silicone bracelet system is made of 100% natural solid silica gel and pressed by oil press. The bracelet itself has a certain degree of tension and softness, so it is easy to deform and recover immediately. The silica gel materials we use are in compliance with European environmental standards through the European Union’s ROHS directive. Silica gel hand ring has the common characteristics of silicone products, so the hand ring wear resistance, high temperature resistance, no deformation, no cracking, long wearing time, and comfortable hand feel, can be long worn. It can be seen that the silicone bracelet is the real green jewelry, and will be more popular in all fields.