Why are the silicone wristbands so pupular and widely used all over the wrold?

Because the silicone wristband has the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, good elasticity, and easy to wear, it gradually developed into a popular accessory and was deeply loved by young friends. Now this kind of epidemic has spread all over the world. The bracelet is more associated with various organizational activities, branding, and sports. A good design can convey far-reaching significance. In the past, we have seen many successful applications: The inspirational silicone wristband of the fast food giant McDonald’s was a very successful use, as well as PUMA, Nike and other clothing brands. The advantages and uses of silicone wristbands:1. Health and environmental protection: Silicone has the characteristics of being non-toxic, non-cracking, long-life, non-irritating to the skin, and comfortable to wear.2, novel and convenient: a product molding, novel style, closed-loop, adjustable wristband, bright colors, feel good.3, Technology: Silicone wristband can be installed electronic tags, can be used as a digital tracking, can also be used as electronic payment voucher.4, durability: waterproof, moisture, shock, high temperature.
Application: Silicone wristband is widely used in playgrounds, swimming pools, bath centers, cold storage, waterproof patrols, field operations and other humid environments. As e-tickets, fixed-place recharging, employee access control, attendance, and membership point management have matured solutions and applications, solving the problem of inconvenient cash consumption and the vulnerability of paper to moisture. Can be soaked in water for a long time. The bracelet is made of 100% pure natural solid silicone rubber compressed by a hydraulic press; the wrist strap itself has a certain tension and flexibility, so it is easily deformed and immediately recovers; the silicone bracelet is resistant to wear, high temperature, no deformation, non-toxic, No taste, no side effects on the human body and other characteristics and soft, non-cracking, long life, does not stimulate the skin and other advantages, silicone bracelet is a real green accessories. Silicone wristbands can be divided into hollow silicone wristbands, printed silicone wristbands, silicone wristbands, and silicone wristbands, which are roughly divided into four categories.1. Hollow Silicone Bracelet: The product mold is designed to be hollowed out. After being molded by silicone vulcanization, the hollow silicone wristband is molded. 2. Printing silicone wristband: The printing process can produce a variety of color patterns of silicone wristbands, which are used frequently in silicone wristbands. 3. Epoxy silicone wristband: refers to the silicone bracelet made of different colors of silica gel, the character on the epoxy bracelet is attached to the bracelet highlights, which is the epoxy process. 4. hollow out silicone bracelet: The bracelet made by adding phosphor to the silicone material, suitable for use at night running, safe and dazzling. In recent years, people have begun to add some functional materials, such as negative ions, neodymium, titanium, far infrared, etc., to the raw materials of the silicone wristband for processing. It is a health care function that has become popular all over the world. Silicone wristband is beautiful and has health care functions. Wearing it can relax your body and mind, ease your mind and increase your concentration.