The factory should pay attention to the quality.

Silicone bracelet is necessary for sports people, because silicone bracelet not only has a popular element also and aesthetic practical coexistence, so there is a very large market space, silicone hand ring manufacturers as long as the product quality and research and development reserve to do a good job, the basis of this can be based on the peer, the last step is marketing to the market. Silicone Gift Marketing In fact already in the business sales process has been widely used. such as gift promotion, exhibition gifts, new products, PR gifts, network marketing and so on. Today, silicone bracelet gift marketing has become a business to enhance brand influence, improve product sales, solid sales channels of important ways. When it comes to bad problems in silicone products industry has always been to accommodate the performance of the product is an important factor, for the rubber and plastics industry, silicone material flexibility can be said to be located in the forefront of the rubber industry, many industry products need an accurate parameter to evaluate the performance of products, such as steel is required to see the hardness of the material, Cloth is to see the thickness of the fiber, and silica gel raw materials is to see the density of products, finished products mainly to the hard soft, tensile, tearing and so on! So from the product raw materials above to grasp the source of the product structure of the core point, from the core point to solve unnecessary trouble. Of course, a market promotion of silicone products from raw materials to finished products are required to go through a lot of procedures, so in addition to the product of adverse phenomena in other processes is also important, through the process of nuclear processing and can become finished product that is the key, such as our manufacturers of silicone bracelet, Bad phenomenon often may be the tensile toughness is not good enough, it may be a little deformation phenomenon will affect the quality of products, sundries phenomenon has become a common product of our bad phenomenon, and from the quality of the above can see the quality of suppliers to the problem! The adverse phenomena of products should also be strictly regulated. At present, silica gel products are more common bad phenomenon, the product is too dirty, cause there are raw materials suppliers to provide the original material is clean, manufacturers rubber cutting material and the machine is clean, molding machine table is clean and so on, for the product is too dirty, silicone hand ring manufacturers in each link is a need to pay attention to a , so many suppliers need to carry out dust-free processing, product bubble phenomenon, in the molding process, leading to undesirable phenomena, but several phenomena caused, screen printing ink price, time control, temperature control, mold design and so on! These problems have been strictly, the silicone products have related institutions qualification certification, for the above problems, as consumers can put down the purchase. The future of the enterprise is the consumer’s decision, as long as the product reputation well, natural consumers will buy your account, so that the development of enterprises is not a problem, but a lot of silicone hand ring is generally small enterprises, for too much marketing may be powerless, but as long as the quality of products and after-sale do other things are not a problem, You can do it from a small size.