Do You Know What’s Is The PVC Keychian?

The keychain has now become a gift for small gifts, can give a friend or oneself, express your a mind. Today, mainly for you to introduce PVC soft Key chain: PVC Soft Key chain, also known as soft PVC keychain, PVC keychain, soft plastic key, plastic key chain, As a result of the use of epoxy technology, it is also known as drop-gum key chain and micro-keychain. Soft key buckle modelling, such as cartoon modeling, brand modeling, simulation models and so on, to the key to choose with their favorite key chain, not only can reflect the individual’s mood and personality, but also to show their own taste at the same time to bring their own more pleasant mood. In addition, the PVC soft key buckle can be shaped strong, has become people like and willing to buy new products. Two kinds of technology of making PVC soft rubber Key Chain: 1, pure hand-drop adhesive technology, this method suitable for a small number of production, hand-drop PVC keychain, because the speed than the point of the glue machine slow, so the number of molds need less, so that the cost of customers to spend less. 2, mechanical dispensing machine micro-injection technology, mechanized dispensing PVC key chain, because the mold to open more, all the mass production. The most obvious advantage is the rapid production speed, can greatly shorten the production cycle of large goods. PVC Key ring can be used to use key rings, can be produced in accordance with the requirements of different shape size and specifications, can be printed logo and cartoon design, price concessions, is the ideal gift for promotional activities. PVC keychain, but said is currently the highest sales of key-chain materials, this product with many advantages occupy the young men and women sales market. is also a number of companies to promote the product of good media. Its advantages mainly focus on the following aspects: first of all, its environmental protection non-toxic. This material is made of products because of the use of the current global popular non-toxic materials, and after a unique industrial production design process, all products have passed a strict safety standards review, so it has a safe non-toxic environmental performance, according to market research shows that many mothers-level consumers, in the purchase of key chain, are biased to choose the glue material, it is said that this way even if the child accidentally contact, do not worry about the poisoning or the occurrence of dangerous accidents. Secondly, the shapes are diverse and can be arbitrary. Key chain manufacturers point out that this kind of drop-gum material produced by the product, modelling rich and diverse, can be a variety of small animals, can also be a variety of flowers and trees, cartoon characters and so on, basically all can think out of the shape, can be produced, it is through this product, we can see the current most fashionable elements of what is the most popular, Even if you are not satisfied with the appearance of these epoxy products on the market, hope to have a dedicated individual products, then you can also want to the shape, style and specific size to provide manufacturers, the need for the cost of open mold is not expensive, it is easy to let manufacturers to achieve your dream.In addition, this material product also has the advantage of long service life, because it is plastic products, so even fall on the ground will not be broken deformation phenomenon, because previously said non-toxic performance, so can direct contact with the skin without causing stimulation.